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The Fratelli Favaro company was born in 1991 as a family business totally dedicated to the design of moulds, stamping and sheet metal working. Our product was almost entirely intended for the automotive sector.

Over the years, responding to the pressing requests of some beekeeper friends, we began to diversify our product thus starting the production of the first hardware items for hives.

To date we have maintained our working vocation that is that of the sole and exclusive sheet metal working.

We have thus come to allocate about 90% of our total production to the beekeeping sector.

We deal directly with the creation and sale of hardware items for the hive and equipment for hobbyist and professional beekeepers.

We strive daily to fulfill the requests of every beekeeper.

In addition to the production of beekeeping hardware with standard measurements, we offer the possibility of creating small quantities of customized items to meet the needs of each customer.

We also personally take care of the design and construction of molds for the production of large quantities of beekeeping items.

Over time we have implemented what is the in-house production of hardware for beehives with an increasingly well-stocked offer of material for beekeeping, bee breeding and for the extraction and conservation of honey.

Here you will find a warehouse stocked with most of the essential items for beekeeping such as hives, supers, frames, wax, hive hardware, ripeners, honey extractors, smokers, levers, glass jars, protective clothing, supports for hives and ripeners, trolleys for supers and many other beekeeping equipment.

We will always be available to give you advice based on our experience as hobbyist beekeepers.

You will be looked after with care and kindness by the brothers Agostino and Alberto with their respective wives Isnely and Giuliana.