F.lli Favaro snc - Hardware for Hives


The company Fratelli Favaro was established in 1991 as a family business totally dedicated to moulding and sheet metal working. Our product was almost entirely destined for the automotive industry.

Over the years, in response to the pressing demands of some beekeepers friends, we began to diversify our product starting to produce the first components for beehives.

Until the present day we have maintained our original vocation, that is to say that we dedicate ourselves only and exclusively to sheet metal working.

Nowadays the 90% of our total production is for the beekeeping sector.

We deal directly with the realization and the sale of hive hardware items and equipment for professional and hobbyist beekeeping.


Our Services

Customized Production

Besides the standard production destined to Italian market we are available to realize custom-made components for beehives and to meet foreign apiculture's requirements.

Prompt Delivery

In our store you can find most of the items for beekeeping.


Home deliveries worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

We try to satisfy the needs of every beekeeper.